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Hunter WVC-100 - 1-station Wireless Valve Controller (Solenoid Sold Separately)

Part Number: WVC-100

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Hunter WVC-100 - 1-station Wireless Valve Controller (Solenoid Sold Separately)
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Wireless Valve System

Hunter WVC-100 - 1-station Wireless Valve Controller
(Solenoid Sold Separately)

Wireless Valve System Rugged, reliable, multi-station, multi-function, battery-powered controller.

The Hunter Wireless Valve Controller (WVC) is a battery-powered, radio programmable controller that can operate one (WVC-100), two (WVC-200) or four valves (WVC-400). Hunter’s Wireless Battery powered irrigation systems are ideal for commercial/municipal applications such as street and highway landscaping, medians, parks, construction sites, and other areas that do not have access to power.

All programming and manual operations with the WVC are accomplished with the Wireless Valve Programmer (WVP). The WVP is a hand-held programmer that allows you to create programs and conduct manual operations with WVC controllers in the field. Because the WVP retrieves and transmits data via radio signals, you never have to open a valve box to check the status or program your controllers.

WVC Parts
  1. WVC Body – The WVC controller is designed to be dirt tolerant, waterproof, and submersible to 12 feet.
  2. External Antennae – Flexible rubber antennae for radio communication.
  3. 9-Volt Battery Holder – The WVC is designed to operate on a single 9-volt alkaline battery. The battery easily snaps into the battery holder.
  4. Wires for DC Latching Solenoids – Leads are provided for wiring DC latching solenoids. The red wires are numbered on top of the WVC to provide station identification. The black wire is the common wire.
  5. Weather Sensor Wires – A Hunter Mini-Clikฎ or other micro-switch type sensor can be connected to the WVC.
  6. Valve Mounting Clip – Allows the WVC to be mounted directly to any Hunter valve. The clip can also be used in conjunction with the Universal Mounting Adapter.
  7. Universal Mounting Adapter – Allows for alternate methods of mounting the WVC. It can be used to mount the WVC to the side of the valve box or on a " (13 mm) diameter section of plastic pipe.
  8. LED Indicator Light – Used when setting the WVC address.

Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly Programming
    Same easy-to-use programming style as all Hunter controllers

  • Latching Solenoid Design for Minimal Power Consumption 9-Volt battery guaranteed to last longer than one full season

  • Fully Submersible and Waterproof to 12 Feet No moisture intrusion, even in humid valve box environments

  • Irrigate Landscapes in Remote Locations Helps reduce system installation costs

  • Flexible Programming Options Choice of days-of-the-week or 31-day interval scheduling

  • Sealed Battery Compartment Customized design features resin-sealed electrical components that withstand water intrusion

  • Weather-Sensor Compatible Accommodates any Hunter weather sensor product

    Correct Placement of WVC on Hunter Valve
    WVC Pic


  • WVC – 3.25" D x 5" H

    Click Links Below To View All WVS Models

    WVP – Wireless Valve Programmer

    WVC-100 – 1-station Wireless Valve Controller (order solenoid(s) separately)

    WVC-200 – 2-station Wireless Valve Controller (order solenoid(s) separately)

    WVC-400 – 4-station Wireless Valve Controller (order solenoid(s) separately)

    DC latching solenoid (part # 458200) designed to fit all Hunter plastic valves

    WVC Installation and Programming Instructions
    (PDF: 97 KB)

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