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Rain Bird 200-EFB-CP 2" (50/60) Brass Contamination-proof Valve

Rain Bird 200-EFB-CP 2" (50/60) Brass Contamination-proof Valve
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Rain Bird 200-EFB-CP 2" (50/60) Brass Contamination-proof Valve

Brass Valves

EFB-CP brass irrigation valves

Electric remote control valves don't come any better than EFB-CP Series red brass valves. Need a contamination-proof, self-flushing screen that cleans itself and resists debris build-up in dirty water? The EFB-CP's the one!

Ideal for non-potable water valve applications, the EFB-CP is designed to handle chlorine and other harsh chemicals found in reclaimed water systems.

EFB-CP Series valves offer long life and superior performance in high pressure applications.



  • Normally closed, reverse flow design ensures valve will fail in the closed position if a tear or rip in the diaphragm occurs. Prevents flooding, water waste and landscape damage.
  • Slow closing to prevent water hammer and subsequent system damage.
  • One-piece solenoid design with captured plunger and spring for easy servicing. Prevents loss of parts during field service.
  • Flow control handle adjusts water flow as needed.
  • Manual internal bleed operates the valve without allowing water into the valve box. Allows pressure regulator adjustment without turning on the controller.
  • Manual external bleed permits flushing debris from the system. Recommended for system start up and other repairs.
  • Contamination-proof, self-flushing filter screen resists debris build-up. Water flow continuously flushes the screen, dislodging particles and debris before they can accumulate and clog the filter.
  • Globe configuration.
  • Reclaimed water compatible: all models now feature EPDM diaphragms and chlorine-resistant parts as standard equipment.
  • Purple handle cover included to designate non-potable water.
  • Three-year trade warranty.


  • Accommodates optional, field installed PRS-D pressure regulating module to ensure optimum sprinkler performance. Regulates up to 100 psi (6.9 bar)
  • Accepts latching solenoid for use with Rain Bird battery-operated controllers up to 150 psi (10,35 bar).
  • Compatible with ESP-LXD decoders.

AG-5 / Maxi-Paw pop up impact sprinkler
1" (26/34) Valve


AG-5 / Maxi-Paw pop up impact sprinkler
1 1/4" (33/42) Valve


AG-5 / Maxi-Paw pop up impact sprinkler
1 1/2" (40/49) Valve


AG-5 / Maxi-Paw pop up impact sprinkler
2" (50/60) Valve


Note: Valve and PRS-D module must be ordered separately.

Rain Bird recommends flow rates in the supply line not to exceed 7.5 ft./sec. (2,3 m/s) in order to reduce the effects of water hammer.

For flows below 5 GPM (1,14 m3/h; 0,32 l/s) Rain Bird recommends use of upstream filtration to prevent debris from collecting below the diaphragm.

For flows below 10 GPM (2,27 m3/h; 0,63 l/s) Rain Bird recommends the flow control stem be turned down two full turns from the fully open position.

Operating Range

  • Pressure: 15 to 200 psi (1,04 to 13,80 bar)
  • Flow with/without PRS-D: 
    5 to 200 GPM (1.14 to 45,40 m3/h; 0,32 to 12,60 l/s)
  • Temperature: up to 150° F (66° C)

Electrical Specifications

  • 24 VAC 50/60 Hz (cycles per second) solenoid
  • 0.41 A (9.84 VA) inrush current
  • 0.28 A (6.7 VA) holding current
  • Coil resistance: 30-39 ohms


  • 100-EFB-CP
    6" (15.2 cm) x 4 1/2" (11.4 cm) x 3 1/4" (8.3 cm) 
  • 125-EFB-CP
    5 3/4" (14.6 cm) x 5" (12.7 cm) x 3 1/4" (8.3 cm) 
  • 150-EFB-CP
    6 1/2" (16.5 cm) x 5 1/2" (14 cm) x 4 1/2" (11.4 cm) 
  • 200-EFB-CP
    7" (17.8 cm) x 6 3/4 " (17.1 cm) x 5 3/4" (14.6 cm)

    Note: The PRS-D option adds 2" (5.1 cm) to the valve height.


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