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RFC - Hunter Wired Rain/Freeze Clik Sensor

RFC - Hunter Wired Rain/Freeze Clik Sensor
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Wired Rain/Freeze-Clik Rain Sensors



Hunter Industries has introduced a hard-wired version of its popular Wireless Rain/Freeze-Clik™ sensor; combining both a rain and freeze sensor into a single; price-competitive unit.

Designed for irrigation professionals who prefer wired sensor installations; the new Rain/Freeze--Clik sensor also meets local regulations where both a rain and freeze sensor are required; such as in the Dallas; Texas; area. Combining a rain and freeze sensor into one unit eliminates the need for separate sensors and installations.

Like Hunter’s Rain-Clik sensor; the new Rain/Freeze-Clik uses Hunter’s innovative and unique Quick Response™ feature; designed to shut the irrigation system down as soon as it begins to rain. No other sensor offers this feature.

Other features and benefits of Hunter’s new hard-wired Rain/Freeze-Clik include:

  • Quick and easy installation on most irrigation controllers. Hunter’s hard-wired Rain/Freeze-Clik comes with a standard metal extension arm and 25 feet of wire. An optional metal gutter mount (part #SGM) can also be used for gutter installations.

  • Automatic freeze alert. The freeze sensor shuts off the irrigation system when temperatures fall below 37 degrees Fahrenheit; reducing the potential for ice to form on landscapes; walkways or roadways.

  • No calibration or adjustment needed. The freeze sensor; enclosed in a polycarbonate housing attached to the bottom of the Rain-Clik sensor; does not require calibration or adjustment. Slots in the side of the housing allow air to flow around the sensor for accurate temperature sensing.

Hunter’s hard-wired Rain/Freeze-Clik sensor is now available for shipment.

Hunter Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of irrigation equipment for the landscape and golf course industries.

Hunter Rain-Clik® Rain Sensors

Reliable Rain Sensor With Instant Shut-Off
The reason to install a rain sensor is so an automatic irrigation system that is scheduled to run will be able to shut off and NOT run when it is raining; right? However; most rain-sensing devices must first accumulate a set amount of rainfall before a switch is activated that interrupts the circuit from the controller and shuts off the system. In that “accumulation time;” the system will continue to water; giving the appearance a precious resource is being wasted…exactly the opposite impression a municipality; a business or an upstanding citizen would like to convey. Only the Hunter Rain-Clik™; with its unique Quick Response™ feature; can command a controller to shut off immediately – not after a quarter- or a half-inch; but right when it starts to rain. And; unlike any of its competitors; the Rain-Clik™ can be mounted in a variety of ways: on a rain gutter; on conduit; with a telescoping extension to bring the unit away from an eave; or in the standard method on a flat vertical surface like a wall or fence.

Hunter’s Unique Quick Response™ Featuree
No need for water to accumulate for shutoff

Modular Mounting Options
Variety of choices depending on the job site; gutter; wall or conduit mount

Set a Maximum Dry-Out Period
Adjust the irrigation re-start to account for varying amounts
of rain

Maintenance-free Patented Sensing Mechanism
No callbacks — just set it and forget it

Includes 25' of 20 Gauge Two-Conductor Wire
Simple to add on to a new or existing installation

Optional Bypass Switch
Adds flexibility to the system


A Variety of Mounting Options

Whether you offer a rain-sensing device as an upgrade to your installations or you already install one as a standard piece of equipment; wouldn’t you like to have options on where you must install it? The usual place to install a rain-sensing device has been on a flat vertical surface; such as a wall or fence. With the Hunter Rain-Clik™; you can also mount it on a rain gutter; or on a piece of 1/2" conduit with Hunter’s new mounting hardware. In addition; Hunter offers an 8" telescoping extension rod that brings the unit out from under a roofing eave or other obstruction.


  • 3.25" diameter x 2" high

Operating Specifications

  • Wiring: normally closed or normally open

  • Time to turn off irrigation system: 2-5 minutes for the Quick Response™ feature

  • Time to reset the Quick Response™ unit: 4 hours maximum under dry sunny conditions

  • Time to reset: 3 days maximum under dry sunny conditions for the total rainfall compensation unit

  • Switching capabilities: Single Pole Double throw - 24 volts 3 amps

  • Operating temperature: 32°F - 130°F

  • Vent ring allows for adjustment of reset delay

  • UV colorfast and stable materials

  • UL listed

Electrical Specifications

  • 24 volt; 3 AMP Switch

Freeze-Clik® Freeze Sensors

Control Irrigation System Operation During Freezing Temperatures

In many areas; it is quite common to have mild temperatures in the evening; then have a freeze set in overnight. If your automatic irrigation system were set to go on as usual during this chill; in the morning you would find a landscape frozen over; with ice on adjoining driveways; sidewalks and even roadways. In places with temperature swings like this; the results are not only hazardous to the life of your lawn and plants; it can also be hazardous to those who may walk or drive nearby. With the Hunter Freeze-Clik® you can prevent irrigation systems from activating by automatically stopping the flow of water when the outdoor temperature drops to a near freezing level. When the temperature rises above that set point; Freeze-Clik® simply resets your system to its regular cycle. Easy to mount; easy to use; Freeze-Clik® can also be used in conjunction with other weather sensing devices to guarantee the optimum effectiveness of a landscape irrigation system in virtually all types of weather.

Installs simply and easily
No adjustment necessary

Double-epoxy sealed sensing element
Aids the accuracy of temperature sensing

Can be used in conjunction with other sensors
Enhances the overall automation of irrigation systems


  • Length: 4.5 inches (adjustable)

  • Temperature Set Point: 3°C +/- 2°C (37°F)

  • Temperature Differential: +/- 1°C

  • Electrical Rating: 24 VAC 6 amps

  • UL Listing: Class II Low Voltage (24 volt use only)

  • Switching: Closed-above 3°C; Open-below 3°C (Reverse switching model)

  • Included: 25 ft. of #20 two conductor wire; two mounting screws and detailed instructions

Special Usage Note: For landscape applications only. Not for crop protection. A freeze sensor should only be used as part of a sound irrigation system management program; including regular system visual checks.

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