Techfilter Dripperline

Netafim Techfilter System

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: INSURANCE AGAINST ROOT INTRUSION is proud to carry the next evolution from the leader in drip irrigation. The revolutionary Techfilter protects your drip irrigation investment against roots invading and destroying your system. Netafim incorporates trifluralin into its leading Techline CV dripline to protect subsurface installation against root intrustion. The trifluralin is conveniently stored in replacement disc ring assemblies inside the filter housing. When water passes through the filter, a very low concentration of trifluralin (parts per billion) is transmitted throughout the system. This technology provides very precise and even distribution of trifluralin throughout the piping network and effectively inhibits root growth into the dripper outlets. Each dripline is sold together with its own specific techfilter size to insure proper distribution of trifluralin in the system.