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SoCal Water$mart Rebate Form

Step 2

Step 3: Fill Out and Mail Your Rebate Form


After installing your new water efficient products, please fill out the necessary paperwork to receive your rebate

To receive a rebate for your purchase, simply mail in:

  • an original sales receipt or invoice from EvergreenSprinklers.com
  • a copy of your water bill
  • a signed, completed rebate form

  • Mail your original sales receipt, a copy of your water bill, and signed, completed rebate form to:

    SoCal Water$mart Rebate Program
    3800 Watt Ave., Suite 105
    Sacramento, CA 95821

    Please remember to SIGN your rebate form!

    Questions? Call the hotline at (888) 376-3314.

    Rebate Form:

    SoCal Water$mart Rebate Form (PDF: 289 KB)
    SoCal Water$mart Rebate Form - Spanish (PDF: 286 KB)