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Rain Bird ETC-LX-ET Manager Control Cartridge for all ESP-LX Timers

Rain Bird ETC-LX-ET Manager Control Cartridge for all ESP-LX Timers
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  • Rain Bird ETC-LX-ET Manager Control Cartridge for all ESP-LX Timers

    For ESP-LX Controllers

    The Rain Bird ET Manager Cartridge easily upgrades the ESP-LXD Controlleror ESP-LXME Controller to an ET/Weather-based irrigation smart controller. The ET Manager Cartridge uses the same Weather Reach™ signal as the Rain Bird ET Manager (ETMi).

    The ET Manager Cartridge saves water by making real-time adjustments to the irrigation schedule based on hourly weather information. Additionally, by eliminating the need to travel to controller sites to make adjustments or programming changes, the ET Manager Cartridge contributes to significant labor savings.

    The ET Manager Cartridge is ideal for high-end residential and light commercial applications. The ET Manager Cartridge is easily installed in any ESP-LX controller with minimal need for tools or wiring



Water Saving Benefits

  • Water Savings of 20 – 50% over traditional time based irrigation control.
  • Rain interrupt to prevent irrigation during rain events
  • Wind interrupt prevent overspray during high wind conditions.
  • Four separate moisture balances are maintained. One for each program or hydrozone to efficiently water varied plant types (example: turf, shrubs, trees, annuals, etc).

Easy Installation

  • ET Manager Cartridge easily mounts in any ESP-LX Series controller.
  • Antenna mounts on NPS nipple.
  • Setup Wizard walks user through all key
    setup parameters.

Reduced Liability

  • Minimum temperature interrupt to prevent irrigation during freezing conditions reducing liabilities associated with walkway icing.

ETC-LX Features

  • Upgrade an ESP-LX Series Controller to ET/Weather based irrigation control.
  • Modular ET Manager Cartridge snaps into dedicated bay on back of controller faceplate.
  • Installs in seconds with no tools.
  • Ribbon cable connects ETC-LX cartridge to the controller.
  • Antenna cable connects with snap in connector.
  • Status LEDs show current status of Communication.
  • ETC-LX kit includes ET Manager Cartridge, receiver antenna and manual.
  • Three-year trade warranty.

Sensors and Accessories

ET Manager Cartridge incorporates a rain gauge input, for optional local rain fall measurement. Rain Bird offers the ETM-RG tipping bucket rain gauge as an accessory to the ET Manager Cartridge. The tipping rain gauge is an ideal complement to the ET Manager Cartridge, this electronic gauge accurately measures rain to 1mm per tip, reducing run-off from over-watering and avoiding landscape damage. The rain gauge is durable, weatherproof, and resists UV and extreme temperatures. Measurements per tip are accurate, with a maximum +/- 2% deviation. Each gauge includes a 30’ cable.

Rain Bird offers a remote mounting kit, ETMRMK, so that the antenna can be remotely mounted to improve signal reception or remotely locate the antenna to prevent vandalism. The kit contains a 30’ (9,1 m) cable, connector and junction box. The cable must be installed in conduit for outdoor applications.

ET Manager Programming Software

The Rain Bird ET Manager Programming Software (ETMPS) uses your personal computer to simplify ET Manager programming. This application allows the user to transfer ET Manager Scheduler settings directly from the PC to an ET Manager Cartridge via a USB cable. Additional functions of the ET Manager Programming Software:

  • Conveniently program all settings.
  • Quickly program multiple ET Managers.
  • Review ET Manager programming history.
  • Integrate with ET Manager Scheduler Application.
  • Print a programmed settings report.
  • Access ET Manager diagnostic tools.
  • Save commonly used program settings for future use.

Weather Reach™ Signal

Weather Reach™ Signal providers are available in the US and Canada. Visit the WRSP page to find a local signal provider. For more information contact the ET Manager ™ hotline at 1-877-351-6588.



ET Manager Control Cartridge for all ESP-LX Series Controllers



Operating Specifications

  • Electrical power is provided by the ESP-LX Series Controller
  • Operating Temperature Range 5˚F-149˚F (Radio reception operating temperature: 32˚F - 122˚F)
  • Tipping Rain Gauge wire: 18 – 26 awg

Rain Bird ET Manager Cartridges Manuals


 Tech Specs (PDF: 385 KB)
 ESP-LX Series Brochure (PDF: 1.2 MB)
 ETC-LX Manual - English (PDF: 4.4 MB)
 ETC-LX Manual - Spanish (PDF: 4.3 MB) 
 Water Savings (PDF: 1.5 MB)
 Specification Guide (PDF: 7.3 MB) 
 Case Study: ExactET (PDF: 1.5 MB) 
 Site Report: Royal Vista Apartments (PDF: 1.5 MB)

ET Manager Scheduler SoftwareET Manager Scheduler Software (EXE: 7.58 MB)

ET Manager Scheduler Software Programming Update 1.15 (EXE: 5.73 MB)

ET Manager Scheduler SoftwareET Manager Simulator (EXE: 1.2 MB)

 Software & Accessories (PDF: 299 KB) 
 Become a Weather Reach™ Commercial Signal Provider (PDF: 324 KB) 
 Become a Weather Reach™ Public Signal Provider (PDF: 360 KB) 
Written Specifications (RTF: 25 KB)



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